2019 For The Kids Gala CHEO Champion Family


Meet the Danson Family

Maeve Danson’s bright blue eyes and sweet smile are the first things you notice about her. What you don’t see right away is that this happy and outgoing little girl was born with a rare condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenital - which means fixed joints. Before she was born her parents knew that she would need help. Luckily, CHEO was there.

At three weeks of age Maeve began treatments through Development and Rehabilitation at CHEO. “We hit the ground running,” explains mom Keira. “The can-do attitude of her therapists was just what we needed. Early intervention is paramount for children with this neuro-muscular condition.” The therapy team at CHEO has become an extension of the Danson family. “I don’t know where Maeve would be without them,” adds dad Clinton. “They give us hope and believe in our daughter as much as we do.”

CHEO’s multidisciplinary approach brings together surgery, bracing, splinting, casting, and extensive physical therapy, helping Maeve become more mobile and independent. She is a charming combination of silly and sweet. Maeve loves make-believe play with her older brother and sister and is exploring the world around her with growing confidence and steadier steps.  

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For 23 years, For the Kids has presented a gala evening dedicated to raising awareness and funds for children and youth with multiple physical and developmental disabilities and associated behavioral needs. Funds raised will help children and youth reach their full potential while living their best life.


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